Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise

As a not-for-profit organization, Entheos Ireland Foundation CLG operates as a Social Enterprise, where the income generated from membership fees of our team of Solemnisers holding legal wedding ceremonies serves a greater purpose. We are committed to funding three essential Community Initiatives – Lara’s Legacy, Grá go Deo, and Died with Pride.

Our Community Initiatives are dedicated to providing meaningful ceremonies for individuals of all beliefs and none, especially during times of crisis. We firmly believe that ceremonies play a crucial role in honoring life’s important milestones and navigating difficult moments.

A significant portion of the fee from each legal wedding ceremony conducted by an Entheos Community Celebrant goes towards funding Celebrants for end-of-life weddings or baby funerals. In doing so, we alleviate the financial burden for families during their most challenging times, allowing them to focus on what is most needed for their family.

Having a team of dedicated Community Celebrants for these occasions not only ensures that families receive compassionate support from trained professionals, but also enables the Celebrants to specialise in this area without facing financial strain themselves.

At Entheos Ireland Foundation CLG we are driven by a profound sense of purpose – to create a compassionate and inclusive community where meaningful ceremonies help individuals and families to find solace, celebrate life’s joys, and find comfort during times of sorrow. Join us as we strive to make a positive impact and empower communities through our unique Social Enterprise model.

Lara’s Legacy

Honoring our Little Ones gone too soon, who are Loved And Remembered Always

Lara’s Legacy is a hugely important service for us at Entheos. We understand that facing the loss of a child or an infant is an unimaginable experience for families. We have a team of dedicated Community Celebrants who specialize in holding Child and Infant Funeral Ceremonies, to provide solace and support to families during these most difficult times.

Our compassionate and experienced Celebrants are dedicated to creating ceremonies that truly honor the precious lives of these little ones. We understand the importance of honouring their time with us and providing a space for families to grieve, find comfort, and celebrate the unique impact of their child’s life.

We at Entheos believe in giving back to our community, so our Child and Infant Funeral Ceremonies are offered with no fee. We consider it our privilege to be of service during these difficult times, providing families with ceremonies to support and hold them in their grief.

This service is funded by Entheos via the income generated through our Celebrants holding Legal Wedding Ceremonies throughout Ireland.

Grá go Deo

Hospice and Hospital Weddings

Entheos is committed to supporting individuals and their loved ones through all aspects of their end-of-life journey. Our Grá go Deo initiative is designed to ensure that those facing life-limiting illnesses have the opportunity to celebrate their love and commitment in a meaningful way, even at short notice.

We have a devoted team of Community Celebrants who are experienced in Hospice and Hospital care, to provide specialised services to couples in these circumstances. Our Celebrants understand the urgency and sensitivity required in these situations, and they are equipped to create ceremonies that honor the love and relationship shared by the couple. We will work with you, your healthcare providers and the Courts and Registrars to get your legal paperwork in order and your ceremony underway as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Nationwide for this service.

As part of our dedication to serving and giving back to the community, our Hospice and Hospital Weddings are offered with no fee. We are deeply committed to making these occasions as special and meaningful as possible, allowing couples to experience moments of joy and connection during such challenging times.

This service is funded by Entheos via the income generated through our Celebrants holding Legal Wedding Ceremonies throughout Ireland.

Died With Pride

Honoring the LGBTQ+ Community in Death as in Life

Died With Pride is driven by our support and allyship with the LGBTQ+ community. We know that members of the Queer community often face unique challenges when it comes to ceremonies- particularly at end-of-life when their family of origin may not feel confident in making arrangements that align with the worldview of their deceased family member. It is essential to us that everyone gets a final ceremony that reflects the truth of their identity, beliefs, and experiences.

Our team of LGBTQ+ Celebrants lead this initiative, ensuring that funeral ceremonies are conducted with utmost dignity and respect for the individual’s life and identity. We create inclusive and affirming spaces where friends and family can come together to honor their loved one authentically.

As part of our commitment to fostering an inclusive community, fees are flexible for Died With Pride ceremonies. We believe that everyone should have access to meaningful and personalized ceremonies that celebrate their unique journey and legacy, and finances should never stop a person from getting a beautiful send-off.

At Entheos, our members stand proudly within and alongside the LGBTQ+ community. We advocate for a world where all individuals are embraced, respected, and celebrated for who they are. We commit to actively challenging the heteronormativity of the ceremony world, and we are honored to hold ceremonies that pay tribute to lives lived with pride and authenticity. We are a proudly trans-inclusive organisation, and we require our members to share this value so that we can ensure all Entheos Ceremonies are safe and inclusive spaces for all.

We appreciate all your support