Sue Anne O’Donnell

Sue Anne O’Donnell

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Legal Wedding Solemniser, Funeral and Family Celebrant offering ceremonies across Ireland 7 days a week.

I Passionately believe in the Importance of Celebrating Life’s Events, celebrating them in the way that is fitting for You, regardless, of tradition, cultural, religious, or other beliefs.

One of the reasons I chose to be an Entheos Ireland Celebrant, is that it enables me to be in the lucky position to have the freedom to be able to write and deliver a Ceremony for those of all faiths and no faiths.

Accepting people exactly as they are, totally judgment free is one of my personal cornerstones.

Your personal ceremony can be free from All or any religious, spiritual, cultural or other aspects and likewise, if it is important to You to have some of these aspects included, I can of course include them, It’s not my ceremony-It’s yours, I am there to hold space for You.

My focus is in being present for you, to listen to your needs, dreams and wishes, whatever your ceremony.

In my heart- ‘It is always about the person-Honouring and Respecting you, your needs, your beliefs and values. Accepting, Celebrating and Embracing the Spark within you, the beautiful human you are’.

I am honoured to work with each of You, to Celebrate through Ceremony, the myriad of Life Events- be they Happy, Joy-filled Ceremonies of Celebration, to Sad and Tear-filled ceremonies of saying goodbye to Our loved one.

Every Ceremony written just for You, is as Unique, Personal, Free Flowing, Formal or Informal as You.

All that matters is that your ceremony reflects all that is important to you, in meaningful, love filled respectful ways.

My background includes:

  • Entheos Ireland Member and Celebrant Trained
  • HSE Registered Solemniser
  • Holistic Funeral & Family Celebrant – IIOC Trained
  • Associate Member of IAFD
  • NLP Master Practictioner and Life Coach (INLP)
  • SPHE Facilitator (HDip)
  • Guest Speaker & Workshop Facilitator especially on body issues
  • Adlerian Counseling trainer

Special Celebration Ceremonies:

They are too numerous to mention all here, yet I hope this brief list helps you spark ideas for your special celebration ceremony. Please know you can always contact me to discuss, arrange, and plan your Specific alternative civil ceremony.

  • Welcome to our world little one.
  • Can’t Believe We’re Together This Long
  • I Got the All-Clear
  • A ceremony celebration to mark a new phase of life.
    (New job, new home, change of name which for some is following divorce and wish to celebrate this new phase in their life)
  • An incredibly special, Birthday Celebration
  • A Retirement Celebration
  • A New Venture
  • Coming of Age or milestone, typically for a young person, teenager

We all deserve to be celebrated, contact me to craft and deliver your personal life ceremony today.

‘Life is a wonderous and beautiful cycle, every milestone deserves to be celebrated’.

Please feel free to email, text or call me to discuss and arrange your personal life ceremony.