Niamh Callery

Niamh Callery

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Hey there, I’m Niamh Callery (she/her), the heart and soul behind Anu Celebrancy!

I’m a fun-loving teller of love stories and creator of ceremonies for all of life’s milestones. I feel incredibly privileged to hold space for people during their mega life moments, choosing a relaxed vibe over the stiff formality you might normally expect from a ceremony.

Back in 2006, I had to cross the border to Belfast to have a low-key civil partnership with my lovely wife, Aly. It seems hard to imagine now, but at that time, same-sex marriage wasn’t an option in Ireland and we thought it never would be! If I had the choices available today, we’d definitely do it differently. That’s why I’m all about giving families the freedom to have their ceremony just the way they want it.

When not officiating ceremonies, I’m a foster parent to three amazing kids, with my rock, Aly, by my side. I’m a nature-loving, quirky and vintage collector, always ready to rescue those in need. Our vibrant home resembles a rescue animal haven – 5 cats and 3 dogs. I’m a cooking enthusiast, with over 50 cookbooks to prove it, whipping up meat-free meals to cater to my vegetarian wife. My other passion? Music! I’d happily spend all my free time at gigs and music festivals if I could.

Couples and families I’ve had the joy of working with say I’ll go to the ends of the earth for them. They call me a beautiful soul with a knack for making people comfortable. I’m all about embracing the quirky side of life to make your ceremony uniquely you.

Creating a ceremony that leaves people with a long-lasting afterglow is what it’s all about for me. I’m authentic and I write from the heart because I wholeheartedly believe in empowering people to make the choices that work for them and to enjoy every second!

Even if your starting point is simply to know what you don’t want, I can help you navigate towards what you do want. Your story is unique to you. I will help you wade through the sea of ‘you must do it this way’ empowering you to have your story told in the way you want. Enjoying the process is part of the plan!

Best job in the world