Keith Thompson

Keith Thompson

Clare Dublin Galway


There are many different words for what I do: solemniser, celebrant, minister. This can be confusing, but essentially, they all mean the same thing: I am trained and experienced in marking important days or threshold moments in life, such as funerals, baby-namings or coming of age ceremonies. I can also legally marry two people in the Republic of Ireland, in the venue of your choosing, on any day of the week!

That said, each of those words speaks to a different element of your day:

Solemnity: Any ceremony, no matter how big or small, happy or sad, contains an element of solemnity. You may just be blowing out the candles on your birthday cake, but at the same time you are marking the passing of another year. You are taking stock of the challenges you faced and of how much you have learned and grown, and you are getting ready to do it all again!

I want to ensure that your ceremony – whatever it is – is treated with the respect and reverence it deserves. I aim to create and hold a space for you to fully immerse yourself in the change that you are marking with intention and love.

Celebration: Equally, any ceremony can contain such an abundance of joy. And it is both my job and my absolute privilege to help you create an absolutely unique and personalised ceremony that truly reflects what is most meaningful, fun and joyous for you.

Ministry: I also see my role as going beyond the ceremonies themselves. I am committed to being available for people who need help, advice, or just a friendly ear; people who are experiencing emotional, spiritual or mental difficulties. I am not a trained psychotherapist or counsellor. I am not an ordained priest. But following in one of the best traditions of any ministry I am happy to make myself available for those who need to talk and to have someone to listen.

Before I was a celebrant I worked for many years in theatre and the arts and I’ve also been a teacher and a coach. In all of these roles my favourite aspect was the opportunity to meet, work with and help people.

I came to my work with Entheos slowly, over many years, as the things I was good at – performing, teaching, listening, merged with the things I wanted to see more of in the world – inclusivity, equality, and community. I am extremely honoured to do this as a career and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

One more thing…

As I said to my very confused fellow Entheos trainees when I first met them – I LOVE TREES! I’m a nature lover and am incredibly passionate about reforestation. For every person, couple or family I work with, I commit to planting a native Irish tree in your name with the reforestation charity Hometree.

You will receive a beautiful certificate, printed on recycled paper with eco-friendly ink, and you will always be welcome to visit the tree and participate in tree planting days at their site in Ennistymon, Co. Clare.