Fiona Rea

Fiona Rea

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As a celebrant with Entheos, I am passionate about creating meaningful and unique ceremonies that celebrate life’s most significant moments. With a deep reverence for the human experience, I craft personalised rituals that honour love, unity, and transformation. Guided by the spirit of Entheos and with the incredible support of this wonderfully inclusive organisation, I seek to infuse every celebration with a sense of awe and inspiration, making each occasion a memorable journey of the heart and soul. Let’s embark on this enchanting adventure together.

Hello, I’m Fiona Rea, and I’m honoured to be a celebrant trained with Entheos. With a background as a qualified chef and my work as an antenatal educator, pre and post natal doula, breastfeeding counsellor and lactation consultant I have developed a deep appreciation for the human spirit. Through my various jobs I have dedicated my life to curating unforgettable moments of joy, reflection, and connection.
Inclusivity lies at the heart of my celebrant journey. I firmly believe that every individual’s story is worth celebrating, regardless of their background, beliefs, or identities. As your celebrant, I’m committed to creating a safe and welcoming space where all voices are heard and respected.

My approach to inclusivity extends beyond words; it’s a commitment to action. I work tirelessly to understand and honor the cultural and personal nuances that make your journey unique. I am an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, racial and cultural diversity, and gender equality, and I proudly celebrate love and milestones in all their diverse forms.

My ceremonies embrace a tapestry of traditions, blending and harmonizing elements from different cultures and backgrounds. Whether you’re a multicultural couple, a family of mixed beliefs, or simply a group of individuals from various walks of life, I’m dedicated to weaving together a celebration that reflects your unique story.

I firmly believe that unity can be found in diversity, and I am passionate about helping you create a ceremony that bridges differences and celebrates the beauty of your shared experiences. In a world where inclusivity is paramount, I’m here to guide you on a journey of connection, understanding, reflection and celebration.

Life is a tapestry of unique experiences, and each one deserves to be celebrated with authenticity and reverence. As your celebrant, I’m committed to crafting ceremonies, alongside you that resonate with your individual journey.
My journey as a celebrant so far has been an enriching one, marked by the privilege of sharing in the lives of individuals and families, helping them celebrate milestones and transitions. My approach is deeply rooted in empathy, creativity, and a commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that every person’s voice and identity are honored.

Whether it’s a wedding, a vow renewal, a baby naming, a funeral or any other threshold or transition, I am dedicated to infusing each moment with Entheos’ guiding principles. Together, we will co-create a ceremony that reflects your unique story and leaves a lasting impact on your heart and soul.

In my free time, you can find me enjoying family life in Wicklow, although I’m originally a Dub. I am married to Pasquale and we have four wonderful adult children. We met in catering college 37 years ago. Having our children changed the course of my career and I got involved in all things birth and breastfeeding. I work as a Lactation Consultant which has helped further fuel my passion for creating meaningful and memorable celebrations as I have the honour to meet families at very meaningful times in their lives and I love hearing them share their stories. I look forward to embarking on this enchanting journey with you and helping you craft a ceremony that embodies the true essence of your life’s most important moments that embraces the full spectrum of human experience.