Antoinette Kane

Antoinette Kane



Welcome to my World – the world of a Wedding ,Funeral and Life Celebrant.

I LOVE TO CELEBRATE – to celebrate all aspects of life from our first day on this beautiful earth to our last and all the special moments in between .

I create beautiful and unique ceremonies that reflect the true essence and individuality of a couple or departed loved one. In these joyous or somber occasions, I can serve as a guiding light,crafting and conducting ceremonies filled with love, respect, and personal touches.

“Life is a gift ,love is a gift and when both are bestowed – you have a life well lived”
Dr. Leo Buscaglia.

I take the time to get to know each couple / family and tailor each ceremony to meet the desires, beliefs, and values of those involved. Whether it’s a wedding that breaks away from conventional traditions or a funeral that celebrates the life of a cherished individual.

Together we can incorpoate special readings , music or symbolic rituals, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a ceremony that holds deep meaning for all – with some fun and laughter thrown in for good measure.

If your welcoming a new life into the world or commemorating years of love and devotion a Baby Naming Ceremony or Vow renewal ceremony can help make these occasions become memorable and deeply meaningful experiences that honor the importance of family , community and the power of ever lasting love .

I’m from Co. Louth originally ( the wee county ) and so have had to develop a love for travel- which I have , so I’m happy to travel to your venue wherever you are. I now live in North County Dublin- not too far from the Airport , as I said willing to travel.

I wish you well on your quest to find a Celebrant that resonates with you and your requirements . If you would like to chat with me here are my contact details.