Anne Hopper Key

Anne Hopper Key



How do I begin to convey the wealth of joy, fulfilment, love and pride that my work as a Celebrant brings to my life? I do it with eloquence, insight, compassion, empathy and humour; all the talents that I employ when working with individuals, couples and families to create ceremonies and celebrations. Let me share these attributes with you too.

Hi. I’m Anne Hopper Keys, an experienced Family, Wedding Celebrant and HSE Registered Solemniser. I not only create wonderfully joyful wedding celebrations; I am also licenced by the State to conduct legally binding wedding ceremonies too.

I bring a wealth of personal relationship experience, love and loss, joy and grief, to my work.

I am a proud, devoted mother to three fine, honourable, grown up sons, a beloved but very indulged dog and a demanding, noisy, Milry Cyrus loving, canary. My family life is rich, colourful and fulfilling.

Born in the shadow of Guinness Brewery, St. James’ Gate, I am a proud Dubliner: a true daughter of The Liberties. Being a ‘Liberties’ Girl” has always given me an independence of thought and a spontaneity, that I now bring to my Celebrancy work.

I love my city, love it, but I have lived happily in other parts of the country too, including the ‘wee North’ and I am always happy to travel to new locations countrywide for your life celebrations.

I would be honoured and delighted to work with you as you prepare for you wedding, and then officiate for you at a ceremony so unique and tailored to you both, that it could, quite simply, belong to no one else.

As a Family Celebrant, my work honours the human experience throughout a lifespan. I help people to ‘capture’ defining moments in their lives, and then share these moments with others in ceremonial form.

I have been creating ceremonies all my adult life. With 30 plus years’ experience in primary school teaching, ritual, ceremony and celebrations formed part of my everyday life. Working with all ages, in all settings and group sizes, I rejoice in people and their lives. I love honouring people, their relationship, their achievements and their significant life experiences, happy and sad.

But why invite me to be your Celebrant, which is such integral part of this important milestone in your lives?

Choose me for my expertise . . . . .

Working with me will give you the benefit of the treasure trove of experience and dedication that I bring to my celebrancy work, as together we create the meaningful, unique and oh so personal ceremony that you have dreamed of.

Choose me for my versatility. . . . .

There are few limitations on what we will create together. From intimate Elopement Celebrations in hidden locations, with just you and your partner, or legal unions with only your witnesses present, right through to old fashioned family knees ups, I can guide you through it all.

Venues for legal ceremonies are subject to certain guidelines, but once your choice is made your dreams can take flight.

I will then weave the strands of your life stories and wishes into a ceremony that reflects you as individuals and as a couple. Be your gathering large or small; whether it involves others actively participating or not; and whether or not you wish to honour family traditions or blend two different ceremony styles into a new format that reflects you both, I will choreograph it all and then guide your invited family and friends through your ceremony, with joy, with kindness, with love and even laughter, if that is what you desire. Between us we will create a ceremony that honours this momentous step that you take and forges a deep

Choose me for my values. . . . .

I am honoured and delighted to be an Entheos Ireland Celebrants. “Entheos” is the Greek root of the word “enthusiasm”, and means “inspired from within”.

From the earliest days of my teaching career, in one of the most disadvantaged areas of my fair city, I have been a staunch advocate for equal rights. I sought to ignite inspiration and a sense of self worth within the children I worked with, regardless of their gender, race, ability or social status.

It is now a joy and privilege to be a member of a community that treasures these ideals too, and to add MARRIAGE EQUITY to that list .

So, if you are looking for a kind, compassionate and humorous, professionally trained creator and conductor of all nature of ceremonies, I could be the CELEBRANT for you.