A Guide to End-of-Life Weddings: Navigating the Process with Entheos

On 14 November 2023
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Entheos is committed to supporting individuals and families through all the events of life, in a practical and supportive way. Our Grá go Deo initiative is designed to ensure that those facing life-limiting diagnosis have the opportunity to celebrate their love and commitment in a meaningful way, even at short notice.

We have a devoted team of Community Celebrants who are experienced in Hospice and Hospital care, to provide specialised services to couples in these circumstances. Our Celebrants understand the urgency and sensitivity required in these situations, and they are equipped to create ceremonies that honor the love and relationship shared by the couple.

We will work with you, your healthcare providers and the Courts and Registrars to get your legal paperwork in order and your ceremony underway as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Nationwide for this service.

As part of our dedication to serving and giving back to the community, our Hospice and Hospital Weddings are offered with no fee. We are deeply committed to making these occasions as special and meaningful as possible, allowing couples to experience moments of joy and connection during such challenging times.

This service is funded by Entheos via the income generated through our Celebrants holding Legal Wedding Ceremonies throughout Ireland.

Because we understand the urgency and emotional complexity surrounding end-of-life weddings, our mission is to provide a compassionate and efficient solution for couples seeking to legally affirm their union under these challenging circumstances.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of arranging an end-of-life wedding and explain how Entheos can help make this significant event as smooth as possible.

1. Liaise with your Healthcare Team
Your Medial Social Worker and Healthcare Team will be a great support to you in navigating this process. If you would like to hold your ceremony with us at Entheos, please ask your Medical Social Worker or a friend/family member to contact us at Entheos, the current contact details are on our website. The first step involves obtaining a letter from the Consultant confirming the terminal status of the individual facing the end of life. This letter will be given to the Judge as part of the Exemption process.

2. Choose your Celebrant
You will need to decide who will hold your ceremony with you. If you can be flexible with time, you may choose a registrar, or your local Faith Leader. If time is of the essence you we at Entheos can provide a legal Solemniser for you at very short notice. You need to be sure your chosen Celebrant is either a HSE Marriage registrar, or a Registered Solemniser.

3. Seek Exemption from the Three-Month Notice of Intent to Marry
Take the Consultant’s letter and the letter from your Solemniser to the local family / circuit court to apply for an exemption from the standard three-month notice of intent to marry.

4. Visit the Nearest Registry Office with Exemption Letter
Once the exemption is granted, bring it to your nearest Civil Registration Office along with the relevant notification paperwork. At this stage, both parties will sign declarations of no impediment, either in person or within the hospital setting, guided by the Registrar. During this process, the couple will need to name witnesses (only requirement is that both are over 18years and can attend the Marriage Ceremony).

5. Receive Paperwork from the Registrar and Tie the Knot
After completing the necessary paperwork and meeting all legal requirements, the Registrar will issue the Marriage Registration Form (MRF/Green Folder), and the couple is ready to be married.

6. Return your MRF to the Registrar
After the ceremony has been held and the documents signed, the Marriage Registration Form will be returned to the Registrar within one month, so your Marriage Certificate can be issued.

Why Entheos?
Entheos was established to provide a specialised and practical service to people who do not have the time or capacity to figure out the process on their own. Our team of expert Solemnisers is dedicated to offering end-of-life wedding services in hospices and hospitals nationwide. By navigating the legalities and paperwork alongside the couple and offering a nationwide, 24/7 service, we aim to spare them from unnecessary stress and allow them to focus on what truly matters: being present together during their limited time.
At times where every moment is precious, Entheos stands as a beacon of support, streamlining the end-of-life wedding process and ensuring that love is honored with the dignity and respect it deserves.

If you find yourself in need of assistance or have questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Entheos. We are here to help in any way we can, regardless of whether you will be using our services or not.


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